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Design and Functionality, All rolled in One. The New iOS7

I have been an Apple user for five years since I bought my first iPhone, which was still iPhone 3 back then, and was supported by iOS4. After having purchased my first iPhone, I said I won’t look at any other smartphones again, even recalling a friend’s statement saying ”once you go mac (Apple iPhone in this case), you can’t go back”. Unfortunately, several months ago, my iPhone 4 went swimming with me during one of the holidays I took, so my backup phone, which happens to be an Android phone (a Samsung Galaxy S3, just to get a feel of the competition) became my main phone. Weeks later though, I craved for the iPhone I used to have, it’s usability, very user friendly interface, sleek and elegant design, speed, and features amongst others.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Disappointments

Two weeks ago, my company has issued two Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones for our team. The three of us in the team excitedly tried and tested all the functionalities and features of the phone. In just a few days of using it, we have noticed some valid issues the phone has.

Certainly, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now the fastest selling android phone. It has become extremely  popular because of its incredible hardware and software features. Samsung has now cemented its presence of dominance in the smartphone market, in which Apple is now trying to neutralize.

But even with all the incredible features showcased in Galaxy S4, a lot of users including me and my colleagues have had disappointing experiences and issues with the phone.

Reasons Why I’m Sticking With iOS

With all the hype that is happening in andoid smartphones, still,  I am immovable in switching from the iOS phone. Few months back, my phone carrier has offered me an android Samsung tablet with a very reasonable monthly due, I was seduced by the offer and finally got my very first android tablet.

Being a user of an iOS device for almost 3 years now, I was excited to try and compare the android’s interface. But to my disappointment, I have experienced unpleasant encounters with it that in just few weeks of usage, I sold it to my colleague.

Why I was disappointed with android? Here are the reasons:

User interface lags

Umeox X5 Beats Ascend P6 As Thinnest Phone at 5.66mm

The thinner, the better.

In barely 2 weeks, China’s Umeox X5  has beaten Huawei’s Ascend P6 as the world’s thinnest phone at only 5.66mm thick. This white-box vendor has heat up the competition for smartphones to be ultra thin while maintaining the trend of bigger screen displays. This is a strategic offering by Umeox, with analysts saying the low end and emerging markets are  the next fertile fields for growth in smartphone sales.

The initial retail  price of Umeox X5  is US$258.25. For a full functioning smartphone, this is  affordable. However, if you compare it’s specifications to other existing smartphones,  you may not expect a great experience. One good thing though, it runs on Android. In contrast, the dimension for other smartphones are : Ascend P6 – 6.18mm; Samsung Galaxy S4 – 7.9mm; iPhone 5 – 7.6mm.

Top Favorite Apps Of All Time for iOS And Android Plus New Apps

Choosing an app is like buying clothes, after using it two or three times, we just keep it in the closet and after awhile forget it even exists. However, there are apps that we can’t live without. Not a day passes by that we don’t open to it. We summarize for you the all time favorite apps so far that made it to the top. Apple celebrated it’s 5th year by releasing a list of the most downloaded apps of all time. With over 900k available apps 50 billion downloads, that’s 800 apps downloaded every second. That’s a tough competition for developers to get noticed but here’s the successful ones. Android has not officially announced its list but if you visit Google Play store, you would see these top free apps.