Monthly Archives: September 2013

Copycat Ion Glasses, Tries To Be Google Glass

Another Google Glass copycat?

Santiago Ambit, Ricardo Urias and their team of engineers from Spain have developed a new smart glass, dubbed as ION GLASSES, that could be a worthy alternative to the soon to be released Google Glass.

Ion Glasses brags as the first fashionable optical or sunglasses  that are able to work with  iOS and Android smartphones. Its functionality  is very much similar to the Omate TrueSmart and Samsung Galaxy Gear, only that it is a smart glass.

Facebook Returns Its Mobile Ads To Improve Revenue

Facebook again will turn its focus on mobile ads to help boost its margin income. In the past few months,  sales  of ads on wireless devices surpass revenue from desktop computers. This is  why Facebook  reactivated its mobile ads again. This Facebook features is not new, in fact it started about a year ago, September 12 to be exact but was put on hold after 3 months. They said at the time that the initial run was a test to see how the network would perform and whether or not people would find the ads relevant. Expert believed that the reason for stopping this ads may have been of Low income margin.


How to Untag Yourself in a Facebook Photo From Your Mobile Phone

Have you ever been tagged by a not so close friend in a non-sense Facebook picture or photo?

Well, I was recently and what’s annoying about it is that you are in no way interested or cannot relate or at least makes no sense, because you are not in that photo or it has nothing to do with you and that photo get’s a lot of comments and updates, every single second for the next couple of days.

This is one way of spamming Facebook to get attention and when you try to look of a way to untag yourself using the mobile application because that’s what you use all the time rather than your laptop or desktop, there is just no way to do it.

iOS 7: Deleting Messages and Time Stamp

The user interface of the Message function of the redesigned iOS7 has an all new feature and functionality. The usual delete and time stamp functions has now disappeared. So, where did they go?

Deleting messages

When you open a message, you will notice that the old Edit Button in the top right corner has now disappeared. It is now replaced with a handy button that will let you call the person who sent the message or look at their contact details. This additional feature is very helpful. However, if you want to delete a message conversation or just a selection of a message, how you do it?

iOS 7: Activation Lock Feature

With the advancement of the new iOS 7, the enhanced features of Find My iPhone has become a stronger security offered by Activation Lock which may be a deterrent for thieves. This new feature built into Find My iPhone will make it harder for anyone else to use or sell your device if it is ever lost or stolen.

In iOS 6, a thief can just go to settings and easily disable the Find My iPhone feature, but now when someone tries to turn off the Find My iPhone, the Apple ID and account password of the owner will be required, thus preventing any person from disabling it. The person who has the device also can’t restore it or reactivate it without the account credentials. Only the phone number and a custom message that asks the person with the phone to return it to its rightful owner.