Monthly Archives: November 2013

Xbox One Sells More Than 1 Million, Console War With PS4 is Heating Up

The game console war is heating up. Now it’s the turn of Xbox One, selling more than 1 million units on its first day of release in 14 countries.

Unlike its competitor, Microsoft’s new device is dubbed to revolutionize living room entertainment with multitasking functions and  improved Kinect feature for motion control.

Scary App Found on Samsung Galaxy S4

That’s a cheesy title isn’t it? As I was reading an email on my Samsung Galaxy S4, it suddenly froze and restarted.

What I usually do when that happens is look for the application that’s responsible for the crash, I checked all the installed apps and surprised to find the Mobile tracker Version 1.0. It seems like a factory default process, While I look at the permissions I was more surprised at what it can do.

PS4 Hits 1 million Sales in 24 hours, Sony Responds To Defects Complain

Despite heavy competition from games in smartphones and tablets, Sony’s latest gaming console PS4 sold more than 1 million units within 24 hours of its release in North America last Friday. Early reviews have been positive indicating device’s faster performance and  impressive enhancements. However, some users complained about a blue light  flashing on their consoles. The blinking is reportedly affecting its operation.

Apple Working on 4.7 and 5.5 inch Curved Display

Another inevitable trend these days.

A classified information leaked by an Apple insider saying  the firm will release two versions of curved display iPhones : 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

The display will  curve downwards towards the side edges and rumored to be available in the third quarter of 2014. The smartphones will also  include enhanced touchscreen sensors that can respond to  heavy and light pressure.