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How to connect Smartphone Camera to PC or Laptop

Your Smartphone Camera

Do you know that your smartphone camera is capable of something more than just taking video or selfie? Your phone could be used as a security camera or maybe if you are a busy mother and need to do your work. You can use it as baby monitoring device while working in your laptop. You can monitor what your child is doing and keep her safe all the time. Your smartphone camera is also useful when your laptop has no built in camera. Although, most devices  nowadays has built in camera. But just in case it doesn’t work, you can use it as your camera while doing video call through SKYPE or any other video call apps.


DroidCam can be connected in two different ways, you can use your WIFI connect or USB cable connection.
It is a free Android app from Google Play. If you like more features and more controls just add a few dollars to spend, (premium $4.00 version). For Windows and Linux, the desktop client component is available from It’s free.

How to connect Smartphone Camera to your Laptop or PC through WiFi

1.Install Droidcam into your smartphone.

2. In installing  DroidCam application, ensure  that it is compatible with the Apps you have in your Phone. You can find  the apps link hereDev47Apps.

Desktop shortcut image should be the same with you shortcut image app in your phone.

3. When you open the applications in your Smartphone, you will see the WiFi IP and the DroidCam Port.

4. Start the application in you Laptop or PC and enter the IP Address indicated in your smartphone or in  the DroidCam port too.

Thats it! It’s easy. You can now use your smartphone as your webcam on your PC ot laptop. Actually, if you use this process you will find that you can do many more things by using your smartphone as your webcam instead of the default 2MP laptop camera.


Smartphone Camera as your webcam in SKYPE

Once you  install the DroidCam App in your laptop or PC,  it is automatically recognized by the system and it will use the smartphone camera  as the source.

In Skype, go to Tools > Options > Video settings. You will find the Select webcam drop down menu. Select your Android webcam from the menu, click Save and you’re done.

You’re not only limited to Skype but  you can also  use other chat services supporting video  like Hangouts.