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How to install WhatsApp in Desktop, Laptop or Mac

Are you tired of typing so long conversation on your mobile phone but you have to? Or maybe too busy working on your computer and don’t have a minute to check your phone but you don’t want to miss any conversation especially on WhatApps. If you are considering doing your things in your Laptop, Desktop or Mac while doing typing your important text messages in WhatsApp, this tutorial will guide you to make it possible.

Why WhatsApp?

There are many kinds of Apps out there that you can use to call, message, send photos and videos to your loved ones but in WhatsApp it is over 1 billion user a day that is online. So, I guess you don’t want to left behind. Besides, With WhatsApp, you’ll get fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free(of course is not free because you are using your data on it) and also available on all smart phones.

It’s no difference, WhatsApp in Mobile but in Bigger Display

WhatsApp Web looks very similar to the Android app. So, it takes one click of the message icon at the top of the screen to start a chat, and all the chats you start on the web app will be synced to your phone (and vice versa). Even if you’re not familiar with WhatsApp, the app is so basic that you can pick it up in seconds. The message sending process is seamless and there is no loss of data between the phone and the web when both are active, nor is there any delay.

How to Install WhatsApp in Laptop, Desktop & Mac

Remember that the WhatsApp in our Desktop, Laptop and Mac is just a mirror of our conversations from our Mobile phones. It is just an extension of our Applications so we will still be needing our WhatsApp in our Mobile Phones in this guide.

1. Download WhatsApp (If you are not using OPERA as a browser)

If you are using a browser other than Opera, like Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer, etc. you should download a WhatsApp and Install it into our Desktop, Laptop or Mac. You can download the Application in the whatsapp website or you can follow this link,

When the download is finished, click install and it will create a “shortcut” on your home page/screen. Open the application and you are ready to the next step.


NOTE: You should have WhatsApp installed in your mobile phones.


2. Visit WhatsApp Apllication

After the Installation process of WhatsApp application it will create a Desktop shortcut on your computer. Open the Application and this will give you the “QR-code” that will give you the access to your WhatsApp on your computer.

3. Scan the QR-CODE

We have only one more thing to do in order to access our WhatsApp in our Mobile phone into our Computer.

  • Go to your WhatsApp application on your mobile phone. Make sure that your in the “CHATS” section.
  • Click the “Three dots aligned vertically” on the upper right corner of your WhatsApp application.
  • Choose WhatsApp Web.

After you’ve clicked the “WhatsApp Web” on your phone, it will direct you the scanning process. Scan the code that showed up in your computer and you will be amazed that your WhatsApp in your computer is exactly the same in your WhatsApp in your phone.

4. Send Message in WhatsApp Web

After scanning the QR-Code you will see the mirror of your Mobile Apps WhatsApp on your computer. Send a text message in Mobile Web and see if it is working on your computer.

Download and Install it now. It is completely Free – Save a lot of Time!