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How to Install WhatsApp in PC’S, Laptop, and MAC using OPERA Browser

What is Opera.

Opera Browser is a web browser that operates in Windows, MacOS and Linux Operating System. It was developed by OperaSoftware and it is uses Blink Layout Engine. It is fast and secure browser compare to the other Browsers. Developed in Europe and used by millions of people across the globe. Now, it has built-in ad blocker and free VPN. More about Opera. Just download Opera and if you preferred, you can make it as your default browser.

1. How to Install WhatsApp in OPERA Browser.

Unlike from the other Browsers, you need to download WhatsApp application in your PC’s, Laptops, and MAC in-order to connect the applications from your phone. Opera browser is a special browser that has built-in WhatsApp application for easy usage of applications. As you can see if you have an Opera Browser or after you installed an Opera Browser there are few lists of applications on the left side of its home page.

Click WhatsApp application and it will show you the QR code that you need to Scan to connect your WhatsApp mobile Applications.

2. Scan the QR-CODE

We have only one more thing to do to access our WhatsApp in our Mobile phone into our Computer.
• Go to your WhatsApp application on your mobile phone. Make sure that you are in the “CHATS” section.
• Click the “Three dots aligned vertically” on the upper right corner of your WhatsApp application.
• Choose WhatsApp Web

3. Send Message in WhatsApp Web

After scanning the QR-Code you will see the mirror of your Mobile Apps WhatsApp on your computer. Send a text message in Mobile Web and see if it is working on your computer.

Download and Install it now. It is completely Free – Save a lot of Time!