About Us

What started out as just bashing around and goofing up led this team to an inspiration. Out of that inspiration, their sheer curiosity, and love for gizmos, this team of tech savvy dudes came up with their own website, both to please the inner gizmobeast in them, and to share as well the knowledge they gain to anyone who comes across their page.

Gizmobeast.com creators are a mix of professionals ranging from a witty Architect, mischievous Computer Systems Administrator, timid Web Developer, goofy Web Administrator, to a subdued Accountant, working full time day jobs.

At night, or during free time, this bevy of good looking gentlemen come crawling out of their niches to satisfy their thirst for knowledge on gadgets and technology.

So sit back, relax, browse and let this team of gizmobeasts entertain and inform you…





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