Android to Mac File Transfer, Easy as 1… 2… 3…

Being a mac user for quite some time now, I’ve gotten used to the easy file transfer system form my iPhone and iPad to my mac. So when my iPhone went on a holiday with me but never came back, I had to contend myself with just emailing files and photos from my Android smartphone to my Mac.

Thank goodness there have been ways to provide file transfer even for different platforms and OSes. I never would’ve remembered this if not for a friend who asked this same Question.

Let us run through them, only the simplest and the easiest for the benefit of those who are having the same dilemma or just plain lazy in doing file transfers (me included). There are two methods, Kies for Mac and Android File Transfer.

samsung download

First of, the Kies.  Like iTunes is to a Mac, Kies is to a PC. It is the OS used by Samsung to download, manage and transfer files from their smartphones and tablets to PCs and vice versa. First go to and it till take you to a window which will allow you to download Kies for Mac.

kies 1

Once in the Samsung website Window, you can now download the said file necessary to install Kies for Mac. AFter downloading it, which takes approximately 2 minutes or less with good internet connection, install Kies same way you install other Apps and programs in a Mac. Double click on the icon, then a new window will appear with the Kies Logo on the Left Side and the Uninstall icon on the right. Simply double click the Icon, and an installation window will appear. Click ‘Contniue’, then follow all necessary steps, that should let you install Kies on your Mac.

However, there have been reports of varied experiences when trying to connect Android devices to their Mac using Kies. But, most of these problems have been ironed out in version 2.0 which now also supports Mountain Lion.

Other than syncing, Samsung Kies for Mac also Lets you receive and install Firmware updates for your Samsung Smartphones and Tablets. And, on a more important note, Samsung Kies for Mac works for transferring and managing contacts and calendar events from your handheld devices and to your Mac and vice versa.

android ftp

The next option if the Samsung downloaded program doesn’t work is the Android File Transfer. Simply go to and click on the large, green ‘Download’ button. Once the download completes, click on the file in the Download Window. A new window will appear, where the Android File Transfer logo is on the left and the Applications Folder Icon is on the right side. Simply drag the said item into the Applications folder and your Android File transfer should now be ready to use.

Android FT

There you go. we hope this information has been of help to those who don’t know it yet. or to those who still have ways and means of easy file transfer, comment below and let us know. Thank you.

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