How To Cancel In App Purchases in iOS

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Let me share with you how you can request for cancellation of In App purchases. The following steps allows you also to contact the experts at Apple Support Team with any other queries regarding your iPhone, iPad, Mac and everything about your Apple product.

Recently, I was furious to know that my children spent over $200 when they bought some add ons in their favorite Angry Birds Go and Bad Piggies while I was away. I know it was also my fault because I did not enable the restrictions in the iPad settings. But lesson has been learned. There is a good news however. There is a way to request for cancellation of In App purchases. While it is true that the transaction is final and non-refundable, there are certain cases that Apple will allow for a refund. You can try your luck. It could be worth your try.

Here’s the steps you can follow to request for cancellation of In App Purchases.

You need to Sign in through your iTunes Account.

Before you can proceed, you need the Order ID information. You can retrieve that by accessing your  iTunes purchase history

To start, go to Support team at Apple website.


Select appropriate product, in the case of in app purchases, select iTunes – iTunes Store – Purchases, Billing & Redemption – Apple ID account billing



To facilitate smooth discussion with the support officer, you may want to indicate the specific issue. As in my case I put ” In App Purchases ”

Then, it will ask you which country you belong.

If you follow the steps correctly you would be able to reach this stage. You will be asked how would you like to get help. You can choose : Schedule a call, chat or Email.


In my case, I chose chat. I don’t know how the call or email works but chat is fast and very easy to use. I just waited for about 30 seconds. Perhaps, it would depend on the timing and availability of support team.

After you key in contact information ( Name, email address and Apple ID ) you can right away start a chat session.

Before starting a conversation, you should already have in mind a justifiable reason for requesting a cancellation.

If the support officer agrees, you shall have a refund in your credit card billing within seven days. Don’t forget to save your case ID so you have reference when you follow up the status of request.

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