MAC OS X Yosemite Upgrade Issues

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I was excited when the announcement of Mac OS X Yosemite Beta was out and open to public testing, but I was not able to download, I am guessing because there are many people like myself who wants to get their hands on the new OS from Apple and their server was not able to accommodate the demand. And yesterday I decided to give it a try and I encountered many issues. It served it’s purpose as Beta and the question now is how do you get back all those things that were working before the upgrade? There will be many people who will surely get into trouble if they were overtaken by their excitement and may have not fully understood the term beta or testing. So in this article I will share what issues I encountered and how I fixed those issues.



1. Final Cut Pro X 9.x – I have projects that heavily depends in this Application and apparently it did not worked after the upgrade.
2. External Monitor – Sometimes it works but most of the time it does not.
3. WiFi – does not re-connect automatically after reboot and sometimes turns off unpredictably.
4. Boot Time – Really Slow and kernel panic where I have to press the power button couple of times for it to start properly.
5. Dual Boot – I am on dual boot with LINUX using reFind and it is not working anymore even when reFind is re-installed.
6. Encrypted Hard Drive Partition – It became an unknown partition type with FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF GUID code


1. Upgrade to Final Cut Pro 10.1.3
2. I am not sure what the issue is so my solution was to downgrade back to Mavericks.
3. Downgrade to Mavericks.
4. Same as 2 and 3.
5. I was too lazy to figure out what’s wrong, I played with gdisk changing some configuration but it’s taking sometime so I decided to reinstall.
6. Follow the steps below:

6.1. Download and install gdisk
6.2 Let’s identify the partition by doing the below:

sudo gpt show disk0


As you can see under index 5 (partition number) it says GPT part – FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF
Now we know that it is the unknown partition!

6.3 Let’s change the partition type code to AF05 or “Apple Core Storage”

sudo gdisk /dev/disk0


Press:  p

This is to verify the partition again 🙂 in case you lost your focus like mine.


We will copy the code of the MAC OS X Partition!

Note: The name of your partition might be different so please be careful.

Press: t – to change the partition type code.

Press: L (optional) – to show codes


Then Type: AF05


Press: w – to save the changes.


The hard drive automatically mounted and asked for my password.

7. How to downgrade from Yosemite to Mavericks? Google is your friend. 🙂

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6 Responses to MAC OS X Yosemite Upgrade Issues

  1. Shreyas says:

    Thanks alot for this post!!!! I just really need to know if all the data is still intact after the fix. and if it will work even though my hdd isnt encrypted. Your response is highly respected. Thank you again.

  2. Shreyas says:

    Does this delete all the data you previously had? And also my HDD isn’t encrypted. Your response would most definetly help. Thanks a lot for this post!!

  3. T says:

    Wow, there is no other solution that can fit my situation better.
    Just to say thank you for your tutorial, it really helps me a lot!

  4. Kushal says:

    Your awesome. Saved me. From last 3 days I am fighting with the my mac hd partition, which is corrupted.

  5. Kal says:

    Dude you are a lifesaver. My macintosh HD partition was totally corrupt & couldn’t be ready by anything (not even DiskWarrior could find it). I used GDisk and simply followed your instructions to the “T” and sure enough my hard drive showed up & I am backing up my files as I type this. THANK YOU!

  6. Phani Vadrevu says:

    Thanks, that helped a lot! Can you tell me how you can boot again from this encrypted partition. My boot-up screen does not show this encrypted drive as one of the options.

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