The Biggest Selling Point of iPhone 6, Or Not

Finally, iPhone 6 is coming on September 19 ( or not? ). And everybody is excited. Maybe just me and all the Apple die hard fans.

Tim Cook and and the rest of the gang are actually more anxious. We heard Senior VP Eddy Cue said “ Later this year, we’ve got the best product pipeline that I’ve seen at Apple in my 25 years at Apple.” Seriously? Yes, seriously and iPhone 6 is one of them.


Artist's impression of the new size of iPhone 6 in comparison with earlier versions.

Artist’s impression of the new size of iPhone 6 in comparison with earlier versions.

And of all the rumors that has come out, the biggest ( literally, indeed ) selling point for the new flagship iPhone is its bigger screen size. As in 5C and 5S, two variants of iPhone 6 will be released , 4.7 and 5.5 -inch display ( 1704×906 resolution ). 

At last, an Apple phablet.

Makes Sense. There is still high demand for bigger screen smartphones. And Apple wants to regain the market they lost to Samsung, LG and Sony.

That’s about it actually. Not much difference, right? That’s okay, we have already convinced ourselves, it doesn’t need to be so revolutionary, being better is more than enough.

But if you still insist you want to know other details. Here’s some scuttlebutt :

  • Thinner at possibbly between 6 to 7mm as compared to 5S currently at 7.6mm while iPod touch at 6.1mm.
  • Unbreakable glass. To improve quality of the display, Sapphire crystal is reportedly to be introduced as seen on Touch ID sensor cover and camera lens.
  • Faster and more energy efficient 2.6GHz A8 processor.
  • Several new features in iOS 8 that will improve integration between iPhones, iPads and iMac. Touch ID will also be widely available to other apps.
  • Same 8-mega pixel camera but with improved Optical Image Stabilization ( OIS ) for sharper photos and videos.

So what now?

Still using your old and obsolete phone? You deserved better. You’ve got 3 months to skip your meals, raise at least $800 then you can afford the upgraded iPhone 6.

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