With These Casing, Your Smartphone Will Never Look The Same

Bored with your ordinary and lifeless smartphone casing? Check out the following casing that will stand you out and make people turn heads. Thinking about outside-the-box.


Bring out the child in you with these Lego inspired casing.  You can actually make your own creation.



22 different tools with Task One Multi-tool casing. No worries, when all you have on you is your phone.




For selfie addicts, put away your monopods, here’s the Fonhandle. Currently, this chic accessory is raising funds through Kickstarter.

brick phone


Relive the 80s with this brick phone casing. I know its hard to move on.




For fashionistas who likes glitters and sparks.   Go dazzle.




Its ok to be careless with water, dust, snow and shock proof casing. Now try to drop your phone from the 10 storey building. Let’s see what happens.



Make no mistake. These are not actual food.  Just  japanese plastic food model from manufacturer Suetake Sample


fur cover


Monster Fur cover from Ion Factory. Perfect for winter. And maybe for Queen Elsa ( Frozen ). Let it go!


Now go you make a statement with these extraordinary smartphone casing!

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