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How to Install WhatsApp in PC’S, Laptop, and MAC using OPERA Browser

What is Opera.

Opera Browser is a web browser that operates in Windows, MacOS and Linux Operating System. It was developed by OperaSoftware and it is uses Blink Layout Engine. It is fast and secure browser compare to the other Browsers. Developed in Europe and used by millions of people across the globe. Now, it has built-in ad blocker and free VPN. More about Opera. Just download Opera and if you preferred, you can make it as your default browser.

1. How to Install WhatsApp in OPERA Browser.

Unlike from the other Browsers, you need to download WhatsApp application in your PC’s, Laptops, and MAC in-order to connect the applications from your phone. Opera browser is a special browser that has built-in WhatsApp application for easy usage of applications. As you can see if you have an Opera Browser or after you installed an Opera Browser there are few lists of applications on the left side of its home page.

Click WhatsApp application and it will show you the QR code that you need to Scan to connect your WhatsApp mobile Applications.

2. Scan the QR-CODE

We have only one more thing to do to access our WhatsApp in our Mobile phone into our Computer.
• Go to your WhatsApp application on your mobile phone. Make sure that you are in the “CHATS” section.
• Click the “Three dots aligned vertically” on the upper right corner of your WhatsApp application.
• Choose WhatsApp Web

3. Send Message in WhatsApp Web

After scanning the QR-Code you will see the mirror of your Mobile Apps WhatsApp on your computer. Send a text message in Mobile Web and see if it is working on your computer.

Download and Install it now. It is completely Free – Save a lot of Time!

MAC OS X Yosemite Upgrade Issues

I was excited when the announcement of Mac OS X Yosemite Beta was out and open to public testing, but I was not able to download, I am guessing because there are many people like myself who wants to get their hands on the new OS from Apple and their server was not able to accommodate the demand. And yesterday I decided to give it a try and I encountered many issues. It served it’s purpose as Beta and the question now is how do you get back all those things that were working before the upgrade? There will be many people who will surely get into trouble if they were overtaken by their excitement and may have not fully understood the term beta or testing. So in this article I will share what issues I encountered and how I fixed those issues.


How To Cancel In App Purchases in iOS

Let me share with you how you can request for cancellation of In App purchases. The following steps allows you also to contact the experts at Apple Support Team with any other queries regarding your iPhone, iPad, Mac and everything about your Apple product.

Recently, I was furious to know that my children spent over $200 when they bought some add ons in their favorite Angry Birds Go and Bad Piggies while I was away. I know it was also my fault because I did not enable the restrictions in the iPad settings. But lesson has been learned. There is a good news however. There is a way to request for cancellation of In App purchases. While it is true that the transaction is final and non-refundable, there are certain cases that Apple will allow for a refund. You can try your luck. It could be worth your try.

Insert Photos or Videos to Email on iPhone and iPad

When I first use the email function of my iPhone I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that there’s no button anywhere the screen to attach photos or videos. Feeling helpless, I searched Apple’s support and found the following methods on how to insert photos and videos into your emails:

Inserting Photos and Videos into iOS Email

  • Compose a new message and tap and hold in the body area and a menu option will appear.
  • Tap the right arrow button and select “Insert Photo or Video.”
  • Now, choose the photo or video from the camera roll and tap it to attach in the email.