How to fix Windows 8 WiFi-Off Problem

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Windows 8 users find themselves struggling with this error after upgrading from Windows 7. Some have experienced this with their new computers pre-loaded with the new Windows 8 operating system. It’s an issue that the Microsoft Support doesn’t have a direct answer on. What causes the wi-fi network to turn off abruptly without warning.

The following solutions will help you fix this issue:

1. Check the WiFi Switch.

For some reason, the wifi switch is being turned off without our knowledge. From the keyboard, verify that the wifi is on by pressing Fn+wireless key function. Depending on your machine, it could be a dedicated button apart from your keyboard.

2. Check if the Airplane Mode is set to ON.wifi

Go to your PC Settings, then to the Wireless Tab and make sure that the Airplane Mode is set to OFF and WiFi is set to ON.


3. Check if the WiFi Network is disabled.

Point and right click your mouse over the network icon and select  Network and Sharing Center Settings. Then select change adapter setting in the left pane menu.wifi

Right click the mouse over the Wi-fi network icon and enable it if it has been disabled.


4. Use the windows diagnostic feature.

In the network and sharing center settings, Select Wifi Network icon and choose diagnose this connection in the option menu. The windows system will automatically detect and fix the incompatibility issue of the wifi connectivity.


Those are the steps that you can do to fix the wi-fi error in Windows 8. Hope this article has been of some help.

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3 Responses to How to fix Windows 8 WiFi-Off Problem

  1. srihari says:

    Thank you so much , you nailed it on the first point.

  2. george says:

    thanks a lot it works to my laptop dell inspiron 5040 done thanks dude…

  3. shyam says:

    we are having Win8 Laptops , we r getting some problem in wifi, when users r roaming in the same building. Win7 and XP User’s are working fine. But only Win8 Users only getting disconnected. again they need to manually connect. Why? What is the solution?

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