Leap Motion Controller Like Kinect In 3D Motion Control Technology

Released last  July 22, 2013, Leap Motion Controller is a small, lightweight device that allows control of computers with the movement of your fingers. Yes it is almost like what you’ve seen in futuristic movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. An elegant  replacement to the mouse  or an alternative to touchscreen, you can navigate a website, draw with high-precision, play games and much more.

leap motion

This is not really a new breakthrough we have seen. 3D Motion Control Technology has been awhile like what we have enjoyed in Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360. However, Leap Motion Controller has expanded to more than just mere entertainment. These are the device’s new offering :

1. Sleek Design and Portable Size. The  device looks well with aluminum enclosure, glossy dark glass and a flushed-in LED indicator. It can fit in the palm of your hand with just 76 x 31 x 12.7mm in dimensions. Inside the device are two cameras and one infrared sensor.

2. Download apps through Airspace store. The store is a neat, well thought out portal for all the apps you need. Currently there are over 75 selections of free and paid apps from categories such as  Games, Music & Entertainment, and Education. The price of apps range  from U$0.99 to U$9.99. Start to experience Leap Motion with the free Orientation app which includes several quick tutorials to allow you to familiarize yourself with the program.

leap motion store


3. It promises to replace the mouse and keyboard with apps like Touchless for Mac and BetterTouchTool. The device can  track the movement of both hands and all 10 fingers with up to 1/100th millimeter accuracy and no visible latency.

4. The Leap Motion Controller works with computers running Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8, or Windows 7 or 8. It requires a minimum Intel Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom™ II processor, 2 GB RAM and a USB 2.0 port. Hopefully, the developers will also consider to make it available to smartphones and tablets.

This motion-sensing technology comes with a “cool” factor at an attractive price of US$79.99. However, with limited available apps thus far, it doesn’t have much practical application yet. We hope they also include voice and facial recognition control scheme. We might have to wait for an upgrade or complementary apps to be developed to fully unleash it’s true potential.

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