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  1. Jurgen says:


    I recently tried to download WhatsApp on my Airbook Mac and while I appear to have it on my hard drive now, when I click to open it I just get a blank grey screen and I can’t seem to activate anything in the tab bar on top because nothing is highlighted. I also downloaded WhatsApp to my Android phone and it seems like I did that successfully. Tried to follow your online instructions but failed. If you offer personal tech support, I’m happy to pay for that thru my PayPal account. RSVP Thanks Jurgen

  2. Taneem says:

    I have a Viber account with my mobile number. I also have my name with that account. But I have lost that sim card & the phone & can’t get it now. I want to use Viber in my tab with my previous number & name. How to do that?, would u plz email me.
    In my tab it’s asking for a number to send a verification code. But if I give my previous number, as I don’t have the sim ,I can’t get the text. So how to use Viber in tab keeping my previous number & name.
    Plz let me know.
    Kird regards

  3. Lawrence Binek says:

    I would like to have permission to use the following image in an internally distributed technical newsletter. Thank you.

  4. Philip Hoang says:

    Hi Gizmo Beast Care Team,

    I am hope your team is doing well. 🙂

    I am reaching out to see if you can assist me with an issue you resolved in one of your blog.


    My issue: 6. Encrypted Hard Drive Partition – It became an unknown partition type with FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF GUID code

    I can only boot the OSX in Recovery mode and able to open up terminal through there. I have downloaded gdisk as you mentioned but am not sure how to install it onto my MBP. Can you please assist me? I would greatly appreciate on your assistant. Hope to you hear from you soon.


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