The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S, Four Ways to Use, One Lean Machine.

I was scouting for new gadget that i could get my hands on when at the corner of my eye, i saw this gadget, standing on the display counter seeming to be like a tent, a lean-to structure (Inverted letter ‘V’) in striking orange. So, i went near it to take a closer look and give it a shot. To my surprise and amazement, it did pretty much everything that a notebook, a tablet and A laptop can do.
Here are the features that I think would draw people to buy this beautiful, all-in-one gadget:
Full Windows 8 Version OS – unlike its predecessor, the IdeaPad 13, for 13″, which used Windows RT, the 11S boasts of full Windows 8 OS. Lower powered, and had limitations on what applications can be run.

Battery Saving Tips for Smartphones

“Do you have a charger that I can borrow?”

“Where can I charge my phone?”

How many times do we find ourselves uttering these lines when we see the warning from our phone that the battery is about to die. Or have you been in a situation where you can’t charge your phone and you are in the middle of an important conversation? Well at one point or another, each one of us will have or have already experienced disappointments and felt helpless when our phone gets drained.

Smartphones nowadays have significantly changed our lifestyle that we want our phones to be online all the time. It’s a piece of stuff that we don’t want to die, we need them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Have you wished if you could save power to have a longer battery use?

Appeal Of Xiaomi’s Hongmi And Other Low End Smartphones

Xiaomi, perceived as a budget version of Apple in China, ruffled the market when its low end smartphone Hongmi ( which means red rice ) sold 100,000 units in 90 seconds. This and other cheap yet capable smartphones are especially appealing to the masses and emerging markets. Selling for half the price of known models from Apple and Samsung, they offer the same basic experience like web surfing, gaming, photo and video recording.

Hongmi, priced at 799 yuan or $130, is the first low end offering of Xiaomi Tech. The firm has risen to prominence in the last two years because of its trendy smartphones and known investors like Singapore’s Temasek Holdings and Qiming Venture Partners. According to research firm Canalys, Xiaomi’s market share in the second quarter totaled 5% ahead of  Apple’s 4.8%.

The End of Handheld Gaming Consoles?

About two years ago, I bought a Nintendo 3DS for my kids. I can still remember vividly their jubilant faces when they got hold of the device. It seems that it will take an eternity to stop them from playing it. They just love to twist and play around with it, and did so almost everyday. We have spent a descent amount of money to buy its games as they switched from one game to another. But just recently, I have given them my used iPhone 3GS and a Samsung Android phone. It didn’t take long for them to download and start enjoying and playing the games. Sure enough, the Nintendo 3DS was parked and retired for good inside  their table’s cabinet.

With the emergence and eventual dominance of smartphones, most users have now turned from portable console games to their smartphones in playing games. According to the newest report from App Annie, consumers spent four times as much on games from App Store and Google Play than the games from the handheld gaming consoles like the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

Move Over Samsung Galaxy Gear, Omate TrueSmart Watch Is Here

Move over Samsung Galaxy Gear, Omate TrueSmart watch is here. Dubbed as the world’s first standalone smartwatch, it can work independently from smartphone. Omate TrueSmart has started production after raising more than $100,000 through Kickstarter crowdfunding.