How to recall an email message sent in Microsoft Outlook 2010

You send an email regarding your sales for the month and ask others for their projection for the next month. Then a flood of email begins to pile in your inbox, telling you “what sales projection”, “what’s this email for?” “what sales are you talking about? ” or “hey, I’m not the recipient for this mail”

How can you undo this mistake? Fortunately there is a way for us to recall the original message then resend it to the correct persons. For all of your co-workers who haven’t opened the message yet, you can play an e-mail sleight of hand and remove the email message.

Where is the user log-off command in Windows 8?

First time user of windows 8 will get irritated for not finding a simple command like logging off an account. Windows 8 didn’t include that option when you click on the shutdown settings command. Until now, every user including me is scratching their head why Microsoft has taken out the log off command in the power option settings. A very simple and basic command and yet you can’t find easily in the new interface.

Don’t worry! Although there are no direct options given in Windows 8 but here in this tutorial we are going to share some methods on how to log off your Windows 8 computer:

Capturing Screenshots on a Mac

So, you just got a Mac as a present or maybe a reward from your hard earned money and start to use it. There you were, doing research on the net, or maybe simply browsing, perhaps even ogling at something or someone, and you thought ‘hey I think I want this image’ and start to look for that PrtSc button only to realize that you got yourself a MacBook Pro. What are you to do then?

In Mac OS X, there are several ways to capture what is seen on your monitor. But, if you thinks that’s it, wait, there’s more. MacBook users are not constrained to only taking shots of the whole screen, they have options too.