How To Cancel In App Purchases in iOS

Let me share with you how you can request for cancellation of In App purchases. The following steps allows you also to contact the experts at Apple Support Team with any other queries regarding your iPhone, iPad, Mac and everything about your Apple product.

Recently, I was furious to know that my children spent over $200 when they bought some add ons in their favorite Angry Birds Go and Bad Piggies while I was away. I know it was also my fault because I did not enable the restrictions in the iPad settings. But lesson has been learned. There is a good news however. There is a way to request for cancellation of In App purchases. While it is true that the transaction is final and non-refundable, there are certain cases that Apple will allow for a refund. You can try your luck. It could be worth your try.

Folder Location of iPhoto Pictures on MAC

So you imported pictures from your iPhone or iPad to your iMac, MacBook etc. and you want to organize or maybe share, or transfer that file to an external hard drive or flash drive but you cannot seem to find it on Finder.

Well I was on the same boat my friend and as a practice I write this kind of guides and you came to the right page on the internet because here is an article I made just for you.

Insert Photos or Videos to Email on iPhone and iPad

When I first use the email function of my iPhone I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that there’s no button anywhere the screen to attach photos or videos. Feeling helpless, I searched Apple’s support and found the following methods on how to insert photos and videos into your emails:

Inserting Photos and Videos into iOS Email

  • Compose a new message and tap and hold in the body area and a menu option will appear.
  • Tap the right arrow button and select “Insert Photo or Video.”
  • Now, choose the photo or video from the camera roll and tap it to attach in the email.

The Best and Latest in Technology at CES 2014 in Las Vegas

This is by far the biggest year for International Consumer  Electronics Show ( CES ). In an announcement in its official blog, the event has reached 2.3 billion people with US as the top in online conversations at 69% with runners up UK at 5.2% and Canada at 3.5%.


The 4 day electronics and technology trade show, which started last January 7, 2014, saw wide array of showcase from 3D food printers to self driving cars. Here are some of the best and latest that were featured.

Samsung Announced 12.2″ Tablet Ahead of Rumored Apple’s Ipad Pro

With the rumored introduction of a larger iPad from Apple later this year, Samsung has announced during the CES 2014 in Las Vegas a pair of 12.2 inch Galaxy Tablets, The Galaxy NotePro and the Galaxy TabPro.

More Than 4.6 Million Snapchat Usernames And Phone Numbers Leaked Online

Photo Messaging App Snapchat is the latest victim of security breach as the usernames and phone numbers of more than 4.6 million subscribers were exposed online. The anonymous hackers posted the information of users mostly from US and Canada in a website called and suggested that these data can be used to get in touch with people or match with Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Apple Products to Watch Out in 2014!

In 2013, Apple has graced us with numbers of exhilarating and innovative products that includes the iPhone with finger print technology, the thinner and lighter iPad Air and the redesigned Mac Pro. Not to mentioned the upgrades for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Coming!

If you’re one of the fan of Galaxy series, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Samsung’s newest flagship is rumoured to be launched on February 2014.

With all the success that the iPhone 5S and HTC One have had, the Korean firm is now eager to unveil their latest offering. Samsung Galaxy 4 was applauded with its great features and functionalities but most critics of the phone has concluded that the Galaxy S4 still lacked the superior design over its rivals.

Control Your Home With Ninja Sphere

With Ninja Sphere, you can control all your devices and appliances at home. It  lets you know if something valuable in your house is missing. It lets you control and monitor your house’s temperature, lighting and energy usage. And since it is an open source, you can program additional functions.  For instance, you can set when to turn on the lights or play 1

Goodbye Delivery Man, Amazon To Use Drone Octocopter

Amazon is joining the bandwagon of using drones or unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAV ) to deliver its packages within 30 minutes of an order. Dubbed as Amazon PrimeAir,  the service will use  8-propeller drone about the size of a remote controlled airplane that rely on GPS.