Survey Reveals Passengers Demand Faster In-Flight WiFi

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Being constantly connected to the internet has become more of a need. Even when people are traveling in the sky.

A recent survey  conducted by Honeywell Aerospace, a major supplier of in-flight connectivity hardware,  between June 6 and June 19, 2014, among 1,045 Americans age 18 and over who have used in-flight Wi-Fi  are clamoring for even faster connections and are willing to even pay more for it or encounter inconveniences. Here are some of the most surprising behaviors of the connected passengers.

I want my Wifi!

  • In-flight Wi-Fi availability influences flight selection for 66 percent of passengers
  • Nearly one in four (22 percent) admitted they’ve paid more for a flight with Wi-Fi, and close to one in five (17 percent) have switched from their preferred airline because another carrier had better Wi-Fi offering
  • Demand is so strong that 37 percent would be upset if they didn’t have Wi-Fi access on their next flight, which is about the same amount (35 percent) as those who would be disappointed about not having food or drinks available for purchase
  • Eighty-five percent would use Wi-Fi on most or all flights if it was free

I don’t mind some difficulty.

  • Over two in five (45 percent) of these people would endure airport security twice.
  • More than one in three (34 percent) would show up three hours before boarding time for superior speed.
  • Twenty-nine percent would even swap their ticket to fly standby on a plane with Wi-Fi that’s as fast as it is at home

Why do passengers desire it so much? Consistent connectivity can enable productivity ( pay bills, access financial accounts ) and entertainment

  • Thirty-nine percent received personal or general breaking news in-flight
  • Close to one in five (19 percent) have used in-flight Wi-Fi to plan their next vacation
  • Nine percent of respondents pretended they were in the office while on vacation
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While currently only a few  airlines worldwide offer WiFi service, this survey gives the aircraft industry an insight of the trend among travellers.


You may watch below  the video summary of the the report conducted by Honeywell


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