How To Transfer Files Over Wifi for iPhone

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Most people are using bluetooth or cable connection for transferring files from their laptops or computers to smartphone devices. Apple users for instance have to connect through USB cables to access iTunes for data sharing. Cable connections make us a little bit sluggish since you have to setup the connections from time and time again. On the other hand, transferring files via bluetooth has its limitation especially if you are sharing or transferring large files. I have used these methods but to be honest I have not used them for a long time for the basic reason that they’re not a sophisticated way of transferring and sharing files in smartphones.

I’m an iPhone user and I love its design and functionalities. However, when it comes to sharing of files, everyone may hate the  locked file system, you just can’t share your files to other people  and you can’t transfer anything without iTunes.

Now let me share to you how I worked around these challenges and made my file sharing in my iPhone faster and easier.

I searched for an application that I can use to tweak this issue and thankfully there were Wifi File Transfer Apps that I found. I scrolled away those apps that has dollar tags on them and looked for the free ones. Here they are:

File Via Wifi App

This free app allows you to upload with ease all your music, photos and document files such as pdf, word, excel, powerpoint and plain text files. You can create and manage all your files into folders. Once installed, with your wifi connection all you need to do is type in the given iPhone URL into your web browser, and you are instantly connected for transferring files from your PC or laptop.

This app can only play music but not videos. But for me, it has been very useful and very easy to use.

wifi transferFeem Wifi File Transfer

The second wifi file transfer app I’m using is the Feem. Since I cannot play videos in the File Via Wifi App, I discovered this app and found it to have very good features. What’s great with this app is that it allows you to share and transfer files in different platforms, whether you’re using iPhone/iPad or Android, Windows or Mac. All you need to do is install the app on devices that you would like to use and you’re ready to go. You can start sharing all your favourite music and video files in no time. I have enjoyed using it especially for movie and music sharing.

feemThere you have it guys. Download these apps and try it for yourself to share and transfer files over wifi. They’re totally free and no obligations at all. Please share your experience with it by commenting below.

It’s only fair to share…Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on Twitter

3 Responses to How To Transfer Files Over Wifi for iPhone

  1. valillacarter says:

    I have used iPhone Transfer to transfer my iPhone files over Wi-Fi and directly when iPhone is connected to computer.It may cost you some time if your iPhone owns lots of data.

  2. mayjohnson says:

    FonePaw iOS Transfer is a completely iPhone files manager program for Windows and Mac. And it support you to transfer iPhone music, videos, book and contacts without Wifi environment.

  3. Brian Krebs says:

    Can’t transfer music from iPhone to android. Pics went fine but even tho my fiancee has tons of songs on her iPhone it doesn’t detect any of her music so I could transfer it to my android .

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