Samsung Launch Biggest Smartphone at 6.3 inches

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Is bigger better?

To expand its market reach, Samsung launched two extra large devices, 6.3 inch LTE ready and 5.8 inch version – the biggest thus far. Branded as Galaxy Mega, one would struggle to fit in pocket or use it with just one hand. The good thing, it is only 8mm thin and weigh under 200 grams. More portable than a tablet it comes with polycarbonate body which is durable. Unlike most of Samsung’s latest smartphones, it does not have super AMOLED panel. Instead, it has HD super clear LCD display which is bright enough to please most users. It features split screen and multitasking between video and other apps. It also has the newest version of TouchWiz where you can have smooth experience  and speed as Galaxy S4.

samsung mega 5.8

Samsung Mega 5.8

Samsung Mega 6.3

Samsung Mega 6.3

Here’s the  product’s full specifications :

Network LTE100 / 50Mbps, HSPA+21 / 5.76
Display 6.3-inch (159.7mm) HD TFT / 5.8-inch (149.7mm)
Processor 1.7GHz Dual Core AP (6.3 in) / 1.4GHz (5.8 in)
OS Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Camera Main (Rear): 8 megapixel rear-facing camera  Sub (Front): 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera
Camera Features Beauty Face, Best Photo, Best Face, Drama, Rich Tone (High Dynamic Range), Sound & Shot, Sports, Continuous shot
Video 3GP, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV
Audio MP3, M4A, MP4, 3GP, 3GA, WMA, OGG, OGA, AAC, FLAC
Services & Additional Features Group Play: Share Music, Share Picture, Share Document, Play Games
Story Album, S Translator
Air View, Multi Window, Pop Up Play
Samsung ChatON mobile communication service
Samsung WatchON
Samsung Link, S Travel (TripAdvisor), S Voice 2.0
Google Mobile Services Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Latitude,
Google Play Store, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Talk,
Google Places, Google Navigation, Google Downloads, Voice Search
Connectivity Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, WiFi DirectBT 4.0 (BLE), USB 2.0 H / SGPS + GLONASS, NFC, MHL
Sensor Accelerometer, RGB light, Geomagnetic, Proximity, Gyroscope
Memory 8 / 16GB Internal Memory (microSD up to 64GB) + 1.5GB RAM
Dimension 167.6 x 88 x 8mm, 199g / 162.6 x 82.4 x 9mm, 182g
Battery Standard battery, Li-ion 3200mAh / Li-ion 2600mAh

In its official website, the company describes the new models as ” a device that combines the portability and convenience of a smartphone with the power, multitasking capabilities and extensive viewing experience of a tablet.”  Anticipating the demand of larger smartphones, JK Shin, co-chief executive said “We are aware of a great potential in the bigger screen for extensive viewing multimedia, web browsing and more. We are excited to provide another choice to meet our consumers’ varying lifestyles, all while maintaining the high quality features of the award winning GALAXY series.

For now, the Galaxy Mega 6.3  variant is the biggest smartphone. The bragging rights will then  shift to Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra  with giant screen at 6.44 inches when it will be released in September 2013.

Galaxy Mega is now available in stores with prices at USD668.00 for 6.3 in and USD558.00 for 5.8 in.

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14 Responses to Samsung Launch Biggest Smartphone at 6.3 inches

  1. Jarold Lubaton says:

    Thanks for sharing that RO.

  2. Jarold Lubaton says:

    Hi Kim,

    That’s right. We have an article about S4. You may want to read that as well. Thank you.

  3. […] Samsung has upped the ante in smartphone screen size to 6.3 inches. […]

  4. Kim says:

    Isn’t s4 has
    Display 5 in (130 mm) Pentile RGBG Full HD Super AMOLED 441 ppi (1920×1080)

    Higher resolution than mega?

  5. RO says:

    The user could use a belt holster/case as I have been doing with my Dell Streak 5, and now with a Bionic (love the Streak, but T-Mobile’s network just does not cover as much as Verizon’s, and the Streak’s slowness relative to newer phones/phablets is getting more pronounced). A Garmin 5-inch PND case works well, although I see the ones on the shelves now do not have a belt loop any more – too bad.

    I do appreciate the more compact profile of the 4.3-inch Bionic, but its squished view of email, web pages, documents, ebooks, etc gets frustrating compared to the Streak. I tried an LG intution for a while with its 4:3 1024×768 display (like iPad Mini), and loved that, but it was just a bit too cumbersome with those sharp corners sticking out so much from my belt – caught on chairs, car seat, clothes, etc a lot (besides I did not like the lack of an SD slot).

    Maybe when I can get a Note II or one these bigger honkers for under $200 as I did with the Streak, Intuition, and Bionic, on eBay, I might give that a shot since they have very nicely rounded corners.

  6. Jarold Lubaton says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the comment. It, sure, is difficult to put in the pocket. I’m using note 2 and it gets uncomfortable at times. Yes it’s durable enough.

  7. iPaul says:

    Gotta be careful about getting into a screen this size. It’s so huge but I believe people are still going to try to put them in their pockets. Is that polycarbonate strong enough to avoid bending or breaking if a person sits down with a 6.3″ phone in their pocket? Even if it would not get damaged, how uncomfortable would that be? Maybe these devices cater to those who like to wear their device on a belt holster.

    For women, it’s easier. They can still put this thing in their purse 🙂

  8. Jarold Lubaton says:

    Thanks for the comment Jeff. Nexus 7 is a great tablet. I’ve read some positive reviews about it.

  9. Jarold Lubaton says:

    Hi noneman,
    Thank you for the question. The display resolution are as follows:
    Mega 6.3 inches- 720 x 1280 with pixel density of 223 ppi
    Mega 5.8 inches – 540 x 960 with pixel density of 190 ppi

    Do come back for more updates.

  10. Jarold Lubaton says:

    Thanks for the comment, Jason. Yeah that’s right. There is a huge market for bigger screen displays.

  11. Jeff says:

    $668? Are they high? That will buy 2 lte nexus 7s

  12. Jason says:

    These large screened phones have come a long way since the Dell Streak 5 was laughed out of the marketplace, with the techie reviewers united in their view that “no-one will ever want a phone with a 5″ screen.”

  13. Noneman says:

    So… why aren’t you providing us with the resolution of the displays?

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