Study Reveals Britons Spend More Time On Tech Than Sleeping

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A recent study by a UK Communications regulator reflects an excessive use of technology that disrupts our normal life.

Research by Ofcom reveals that UK adults spend an average of eight hours and 41 minutes a day on media devices, compared with the average night’s sleep of eight hours and 21 minutes.

Among those surveyed, more alarming are the habits of 16-24 years old who squeezed 9 hours 8 minutes each day by multi-tasking and using different media and devices at the same time.

For the first time since 2009, TV viewing has fallen to under 4 hours per day and people have turned to tablets and smartphones.

On a positive note however, the report suggests that children were  found to have an advanced understanding of technology devices, with six-year-olds having the same level of knowledge as the average 45-year-old.

Other details of the report  disclosed the following :

Where computer use was traditionally dependent on desktop computers, tablet and smartphone devices are starting to dominate how we work and play. Over four in 10 households (44%) now have a tablet – up from a quarter (24%) a year ago.Their ease of use and portability appeal to people across generations. More than a quarter (28%) of those over 55 now own a tablet and many use it as their main computing device.

While tablet use is spread across generations, smartphone ownership differs greatly by age. Almost nine in ten (88%) of 16-24s own a smartphone, compared to 14% among those aged 65+.
These young adults are glued to their smartphones for 3 hours 36 minutes each day, nearly three times the 1 hour 22 minute average across all adults.

Smartphone take-up has also continued to increase rapidly over the past year, up to six in 10 adults (61%), compared to half (51%) a year earlier. The growth in smartphone use in particular has contributed to people spending an extra 2 hours per day on media and communications since 2010.

Take-up of smartphones is almost on a par with that of laptops (63%) among UK households, while desktop PC ownership has dropped, from 44% in 2012 to 35% in 2014.
eflects the perennial disruption. we are all distracted.

With all of its perks, technology has indeed become more disruptive into our everyday lives. We see teens and children glued to their phones even at family meal times. Unless we impose discipline and balance, it will take a toll on us. And we wouldn’t like it.



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