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Warning: You Can’t Travel With Uncharged Phone Or Laptop

This is another reason why it is a big no-no to travel with uncharged phone or laptop.

In a bid to enhance security measures,  the U.S. through its Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ) has announced yesterday that powerless electronic devices will not be allowed onboard the aircraft. The ban is applicable to all travelers going to US  from certain airports in Europe, Africa and Middle East.


Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones have been particularly scrutinized by airport security. In addition to other forms of screening, travelers will be required to turn on their gadgets.

How to Use an External Microphone to your MacBook Pro

I do not understand why Apple is trying hard to make non standard technology specifications, they just keep on making their own stuff and trying to isolate compatibility with other devices. This is similar to what some Japanese companies like Sony have done in the past years, some became successful but most are not, example of these from apple are FireWire, Thunderbolt etc.

This affects consumers like myself and forces us to buy another product for cross compatibility to other devices that we already have e.g. HDMI to Thunderbolt to connect your TV to your MacBook.

How To Transfer Files Over Wifi for iPhone

Most people are using bluetooth or cable connection for transferring files from their laptops or computers to smartphone devices. Apple users for instance have to connect through USB cables to access iTunes for data sharing. Cable connections make us a little bit sluggish since you have to setup the connections from time and time again. On the other hand, transferring files via bluetooth has its limitation especially if you are sharing or transferring large files. I have used these methods but to be honest I have not used them for a long time for the basic reason that they’re not a sophisticated way of transferring and sharing files in smartphones.

I’m an iPhone user and I love its design and functionalities. However, when it comes to sharing of files, everyone may hate the  locked file system, you just can’t share your files to other people  and you can’t transfer anything without iTunes.

Reasons Why I’m Sticking With iOS

With all the hype that is happening in andoid smartphones, still,  I am immovable in switching from the iOS phone. Few months back, my phone carrier has offered me an android Samsung tablet with a very reasonable monthly due, I was seduced by the offer and finally got my very first android tablet.

Being a user of an iOS device for almost 3 years now, I was excited to try and compare the android’s interface. But to my disappointment, I have experienced unpleasant encounters with it that in just few weeks of usage, I sold it to my colleague.

Why I was disappointed with android? Here are the reasons:

User interface lags

iPhone 5S Delays Release Due to Screen Size And Fingerprint Sensor Issues

Separate reports from two Taiwan news agency have been circulating citing two issues that could delay release of iPhone 5S to end of this year.First, Bloomberg quoted Commercial Times that Apple is  increasing the size of the device’s display from the current 4 inches to 4.3 inches. Second, DigiTimes reported issues involving poor yields of fingerprint sensor chips and LCD driver integrated circuits may contribute to the problem.

Some sources, however, said the claim is unlikely to be true, as Apple has finalized the design and will reportedly start mass production later this month.In addition,  Apple suppliers denied the reports of hardware-specification changes and confirms the product will be launched on schedule.