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Should You Worry About the New Facebook Messenger?

A lot of Facebook users, including my wife, have  recently raised privacy concerns over the new Facebook Messenger mobile app. They claim that by using the new app, Facebook would be able to steal all of your data, access your contact list and call your friends without permission, and  use your camera and microphone without your knowledge. Scary, right?

But there is no need to panic. These accusations are not entirely true. In its defence, Facebook even released a statement that all these talk are based on misinformation. Well, who can they blame? They have not been really good at that previously when they conducted a study without our consent.facebook

Basically, the premise of the new Facebook messenger is:  it is a separate app that can run independently. An instant chat feature. So you don’t have to launch the full Facebook app which will save you memory, bandwidth, and battery life. The chat head feature is very helpful for multitasking. You don’t have to leave your current screen to be able to see the text message.

The Biggest Selling Point of iPhone 6, Or Not

Finally, iPhone 6 is coming on September 19 ( or not? ). And everybody is excited. Maybe just me and all the Apple die hard fans.

Tim Cook and and the rest of the gang are actually more anxious. We heard Senior VP Eddy Cue said “ Later this year, we’ve got the best product pipeline that I’ve seen at Apple in my 25 years at Apple.” Seriously? Yes, seriously and iPhone 6 is one of them.


Artist's impression of the new size of iPhone 6 in comparison with earlier versions.

Artist’s impression of the new size of iPhone 6 in comparison with earlier versions.

iFind, World’s First Battery-Free Item Locating Tag, Scam?

The developers of iFind, the world’s first battery-free item locating tag, are elated that the Kickstarter crowd funding has raised over $500,000 and skeptics claim the technology  is a scam.

We Tag  Inc, creators of iFind, posted some photos and videos that claim its product harvests its energy from electromagnetic emissions ( wifi, cell towers, TV signals, etc ) and naysayers refute the project by flooding comments in the Kickstarter website and creating a document in Google doc listing all the evidence. One skeptic even posted in Slashdot describing the fraud as a “slow-motion bank robbery” and criticize Kickstarter for allowing such a dubious product.


How To Cancel In App Purchases in iOS

Let me share with you how you can request for cancellation of In App purchases. The following steps allows you also to contact the experts at Apple Support Team with any other queries regarding your iPhone, iPad, Mac and everything about your Apple product.

Recently, I was furious to know that my children spent over $200 when they bought some add ons in their favorite Angry Birds Go and Bad Piggies while I was away. I know it was also my fault because I did not enable the restrictions in the iPad settings. But lesson has been learned. There is a good news however. There is a way to request for cancellation of In App purchases. While it is true that the transaction is final and non-refundable, there are certain cases that Apple will allow for a refund. You can try your luck. It could be worth your try.

How to Untag Yourself in a Facebook Photo From Your Mobile Phone

Have you ever been tagged by a not so close friend in a non-sense Facebook picture or photo?

Well, I was recently and what’s annoying about it is that you are in no way interested or cannot relate or at least makes no sense, because you are not in that photo or it has nothing to do with you and that photo get’s a lot of comments and updates, every single second for the next couple of days.

This is one way of spamming Facebook to get attention and when you try to look of a way to untag yourself using the mobile application because that’s what you use all the time rather than your laptop or desktop, there is just no way to do it.

Should Android Worry About CyanogenMod’s Deal With Oppo?

In barely a week of being incorporated, it appears that CyanogenMod has found a partner. It is beginning in its quest to become the third largest operating system in the world, after Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Steve Kondik, founder of CyanogenMod appeared in an Oppo N1 trailer, stating that he is attending the smartphone’s launch in Beijing on September 23, 2013 and hints of “exciting news ahead”.

After becoming a company, when it secured $7 million funding from Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures, it laid out a plan to become an official operating system and not just a custom Android software developer.The free and open source software has, reportedly, been installed on about eight million Android devices.

Provide Sight For The Visually Impaired With MySmartEye App

Now you can provide sight for the visually impaired with MySmartEye App. Launched by Starhub, a Singapore telco  in collaboration with TribalDDB. The technology allows the blind to connect with a worldwide community of micro-volunteers who use their sight to help the user connect with the environment around them.

The visually impaired users can simply follow the voice commands and double tap their smartphone to take a photo. The picture or scene is then sent to  volunteers in real time. The volunteers are alerted by a simple notification and then describe what they see by providing information in the comment box. That text is then read out, via the built-in voice-over feature, to the visually impaired users. Once users have heard enough responses, they can choose to close the thread by swiping three times on their phone.

How Holho Turns Your Smartphone Into The Next Level

Smartphones these days are like packages that consist of many toys all packed in to one. They contain many apps, such as games, social networking, calendars, online stores and so much more. But no matter how may apps you have, you still crave for more. Thanks to Imagination Farm USA LLC, based in Houston, Texas, they took our smartphone usage into another level by deciding to do something more, a HOLHO “Hologram generator” which uses a set of mirrors rested on a smartphone or tablet to produce the illusion of a moving 3D image.

HOLHO is one of the smallest and most original holographic Pyramids in the market. It works with all smartphones or tablets, regardless of the brand. This is the focus of Kickstarter project which run until September 14. Like any other pyramids, it consists of 4 mirror in an inverted angle, meaning the pyramid is put upside down on smartphones and tablets. These mirrors provide an illusion of a floating image that can be seen in any angle. It is actually four images generated by an app and positioned beneath the mirrors. With an image in full motion that you can actually see a jelly fish swimming, fireworks exploding and a couple dancing. What’s more is that more videos have been developed and the best part is that the apps allow users to create their own images and videos.

Appeal Of Xiaomi’s Hongmi And Other Low End Smartphones

Xiaomi, perceived as a budget version of Apple in China, ruffled the market when its low end smartphone Hongmi ( which means red rice ) sold 100,000 units in 90 seconds. This and other cheap yet capable smartphones are especially appealing to the masses and emerging markets. Selling for half the price of known models from Apple and Samsung, they offer the same basic experience like web surfing, gaming, photo and video recording.

Hongmi, priced at 799 yuan or $130, is the first low end offering of Xiaomi Tech. The firm has risen to prominence in the last two years because of its trendy smartphones and known investors like Singapore’s Temasek Holdings and Qiming Venture Partners. According to research firm Canalys, Xiaomi’s market share in the second quarter totaled 5% ahead of  Apple’s 4.8%.

Move Over Samsung Galaxy Gear, Omate TrueSmart Watch Is Here

Move over Samsung Galaxy Gear, Omate TrueSmart watch is here. Dubbed as the world’s first standalone smartwatch, it can work independently from smartphone. Omate TrueSmart has started production after raising more than $100,000 through Kickstarter crowdfunding.