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With These Casing, Your Smartphone Will Never Look The Same

Bored with your ordinary and lifeless smartphone casing? Check out the following casing that will stand you out and make people turn heads. Thinking about outside-the-box.


Bring out the child in you with these Lego inspired casing.  You can actually make your own creation.

Galaxy S5 in January 2014

Watch out iPhone 5S, Samsung is set to launch Galaxy S5 as early as January 2014.  According to Naver, a South Korean site owned by some former Samsung employees, the follow up device in the Galaxy S series, could be unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona in February 2014.

The predecessor S4 would only be 9 months old by then. Why in such a hurry? Samsung is wary about the slow sales of S4. Furthermore, the tech giant, intends to feature 64-bit, eight-core Exynos processor. Other rumors cite that a fingerprint sensor could also be included in the upgrade. Hmmm… see the resemblance?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Latest News and Rumors Roundup

We are on the final countdown of Samsung’s launch of it’s next flagship smart phone Galaxy Note 3. It is expected to unveil at the Berlin Radio Show in Germany similar to the announcement of predecessors Note 1 and 2. Samsung has sent out invitation to the event with hints on what to expect. Notice the phrase “note the date”.

samsung note 3 invitation

Like in 2012, Note 3 will be unveiled at IFA event in Berlin on September 4, 2013

Note 2 was billed a success with 5 million units sold within 2 months of release. However, with Samsung’s introduction of newer technologies, some analysts predict a more huge hype on Note 3 which could surpass Galaxy S4’s unprecedented sales record of 10 million units sold in 27 days. That remains to be seen.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Disappointments

Two weeks ago, my company has issued two Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones for our team. The three of us in the team excitedly tried and tested all the functionalities and features of the phone. In just a few days of using it, we have noticed some valid issues the phone has.

Certainly, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now the fastest selling android phone. It has become extremely  popular because of its incredible hardware and software features. Samsung has now cemented its presence of dominance in the smartphone market, in which Apple is now trying to neutralize.

But even with all the incredible features showcased in Galaxy S4, a lot of users including me and my colleagues have had disappointing experiences and issues with the phone.