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Why Phablets Craze Is Not Mellowing?

Certainly phablets craze is not mellowing down. And it appears that Nokia and HTC are joining the bandwagon of firms offering gigantic smartphones with screen sizes over 5 inches. It was reported by Reuters that Nokia’s launch of its new phablet is pushed to October launch in New York City. HTC, on the other hand is said to  showcase a 5.9-inch device to be launched this month or early October 2013.

Hit And Miss For Samsung’s Flagship Galaxy Note 3

Is Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 3 a bigger and better smartphone or a bit hit-and-miss upgrade?

In a bid to maintain the large display domination, Note 3 has bumped up the screen to 5.7 inches, full HD Super AMOLED. Expect a crisp and very clear watching experience with screen resolution of 386 pixels per inch ( Note 2 has 264 only  and  iPhone 5 with 326  ). It is slimmer at 8.33 mm and lighter at 168 g. The battery life is more powerful and longer at 3,200 mAh.

Note 3 is equipped with  a 13 megapixel rear camera with Smart Stabilization and high CRI LED flash. It is capable of capturing 4K videos at 30 frames per second.

An impressive upgrade offers  faster and more powerful performance with 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM, making it a bar-setter for all mobile devices.

Is Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Worth Your $299?

After much anticipation, Samsung Galaxy Gear has finally been unveiled. You are torn between the rave of ardent Samsung fanatics and dissatisfaction of tech critics. Is it really worth your $299? Read on and decide for yourself before it becomes available on September 25, 2013.

Here’s why you SHOULD HAVE it

Dubbed as a perfect partner for your smartphone where you can make and receive calls, display texts and emails, control music being played without picking up the smartphone from your pocket. This is an excellent device for those who are sporty and always on the go.

It works like a Pedometer to track your workouts via enhanced, built-in sensor technology. This feature systematically and automatically monitors your physical activity and track key personal data such as calories burned, steps taken and distance covered.

Highly Anticipated Launch Of Galaxy Note 3 And Galaxy Gear

We are one day away from the highly anticipated simultaneous launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear at IFA Berlin. Yes, Samsung has officially confirmed it would be showing off  a bigger and better phablet together with the smartwatch.

With the latest Note 3 offering, Samsung is expected to continue to dominate the phablet market. Its 6.3 inches Galaxy Mega, unveiled last April, was well received. According to a report from research firm IDC, in the last three months, phablets have sold as much as tablets and laptops combined in the Asia-Pacific region. A total of  25.2 million phablets were shipped  in Q2 of 2013, compared with 12.6 million tablets, and 12.7 million portable PCs.

Note 3 Will Cement Android’s Win Over iOS With 4.3 JellyBean

Analysts expect a continuous lead of Google’s Android over Apple’s iOS, with the inclusion of 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system in Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy Note 3.  We believe, with all the information circulating, you know by now that the Note 3 is slated to be released on September 4, 2013 at IFA show in Germany.    ANDROID 4.3 was launched  together with the release of Google’s Nexus 7 on July 24, 2013. The operating system Jelly Bean has gotten sweeter with it’s delightful updates. In the words of Candy Crush, that’s yummy and divine. Here are some highlights of the new version:

  • Open GL ES 3.0 for high performance graphics enjoyed in games, photo and effects
  • New and updated keyboard including dial pad autocomplete
  • Bluetooth smart ( low energy ) support
  • Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.3 support
  • Background Wi Fi locations connectivity can be used for location even when turned off
  • Customized multi user ability
  • Reworked camera UI that will support various camera apps
  • Behind the scenes enhancement geared toward developers where they can showcase fully their apps
  • Added support for five more languages