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Plastic iPhone 5C Now Open For Pre-order In US And 10 Countries

Apple’s new plastic iPhone 5C is now available for pre-order in the United States and 10 Countries. These countries are: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK. No announcement has been made yet when the High end version iPhone 5S will be available for pre-order. There could be some supply issues but I think it’s just Apple’s marketing strategy to push its low end iPhone 5C.

The announcement of a cheap iPhone  fell flat of expectations. Analysts think that Apple did not really change its pricing  in a significant way.  With a 2 year contract, it costs $99 for 16GB and $199 for 32GB. Without a contract, the hefty prices are $549 and $649 respectively.

iphone 5c

Apple’s Budget iPhone 5C

The “C” in Apple’s Budget iPhone 5C is perceived as Cheap or Color. The new low end iPhone  is reportedly cheaper by $200-300 and will have polycarbonate casing in 5 different colors. This is seen as the firm’s response to consumer’s demand for affordable yet capable smartphones.

Michael Morgan, analyst at ABI Research says  that “the days of great growth in the high end of the market are gone.” That is why Apple has made efforts to venture into emerging markets  .CEO Tim Cook, reportedly, went to China twice to strike a tie-up deal with China Mobile, world’s largest telco operator with 740 million subscribers. If the agreement goes through, Apple could achieve tremendous growth in China which, currently, has only 4.8% market share. In comparison, rival Samsung  enjoys 17.6%.

iphone 5c

Fifth Generation iPad and Retina iPad Mini Will Be Released Later this Year

With the new iPhone scheduled for unveiling on September 10, Apple has been reported to release the fifth generation iPad and the retina version of the new iPad mini in the last three months of 2013. It’s been almost a year since Apple offered their new products and they have not been able to stop the aggressive move of the android based smartphones and tablets. Samsung for instance has soared in sales with their Galaxy S4 and other reputable phone makers had their fare share too.

Now, Apple is eager to bounce back on top by releasing multiple products starting this September. And they’re looking to cement their authority in the tablet market when they launch the enhanced version of their iPads.