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What’s Unique With Moto 360 Smartwatch?

The looming release of Moto 360 smartwatch has been highly anticipated. Together with Samsung Galaxy Gear and LG G watch, these are what Google earlier stated  that are “huge assortment of smartwatches” to be available soon”.

Among Android watches , Moto 360 is by far the only one with a circular screen which makes it still look like a classic timepiece. And of course it is  more comfortable to wear  compared to other rectangular wearables.moto 360

Flexible and Printable Battery That Will Revolutionize Wearables

Imagine a smartwatch that fits perfectly in your wrist. Or a smartphone as slim as a credit card. That could soon be a reality.  At least, that’s what this new startup hopes.

Imprint Energy has developed a bendable, long lasting and rechargeable battery that will lead to  new  developments of wearable electronics.

imprint energy

Would Gear Live and G Watch Make You Buy A Smartwatch?

Wearable devices are the next big thing. And some experts say smartwatches will step up the game .  But so far, we have seen poor reception from consumers.  Globally, only 1.9 million units were sold in 2013. Could the recent release of Samsung’s Gear Live and LG’s G Watch change that fate?

samsung gear

Samsung’s fifth version of smartwatch called Samsung Gear. Blink and you will get to six!

Too Bad For A.I. Watch, Smartwatch Craze Is Fading Out

After a huge disappointment with Samsung Galaxy Gear, it seems that the smartwatch craze is fading out. This is evident in the latest fundraising effort of another smartwatch wannabe A.I.Watch. The crowdfunding, through Indiegogo, started last September 25, 2013 and so far it has achieved barely $10,000. The project aims to raise at least $100,000.00.

Like Omate TrueSmartwatch, A.I. watch claims to be fully functional on its own without having to be paired with a smartphone. It can make calls and access a number of apps with Android 4.0.4 OS ( Ice cream Sandwich ). If the fundraising goes well, the device will sell for $279,with shipping to start in December 2013. The smartwatch is developed by Swissco Ltd with Damien Douk as its creator and designer.

Copycat Ion Glasses, Tries To Be Google Glass

Another Google Glass copycat?

Santiago Ambit, Ricardo Urias and their team of engineers from Spain have developed a new smart glass, dubbed as ION GLASSES, that could be a worthy alternative to the soon to be released Google Glass.

Ion Glasses brags as the first fashionable optical or sunglasses  that are able to work with  iOS and Android smartphones. Its functionality  is very much similar to the Omate TrueSmart and Samsung Galaxy Gear, only that it is a smart glass.