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How to Add Classic Start Menu in Windows 8

First time user of Windows 8 finds surprised and totally lost with the missing Start Menu button in windows start screen. Like myself, I had a hard time navigating the programs and applications  I want to launch when I started using the new operating system. I admit, I got frustrated with Microsoft for dropping this very useful feature of windows.

A lot of us are still missing the Start Menu function and wish to have it back. The longing  led me to some exploration on how to add back this function into my windows 8 and I have learned and discovered the following program that brought back the feelings of using the old windows start menu function.

IFA 2013 Wrap Up: Asian Firms Lead The Way

To wrap up the recently concluded IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany, it was apparent that Asian firms lead the way in the battle for consumer electronics dominance. Various new technologies spanning from smartphones, smartwatches, ultrabooks, smartTVs and more were showcased for over five days.

Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG and Lenovo were among the companies who show off their own products which will be available in the next few weeks.Yeah, its just about the right time  for the holiday season spending spree.

How Do I Close An App in windows 8

The Windows 8 has a windows app interface that is very much like the app interface of the smartphones. You can slide the apps and once you click on it, it will show up in full view of your computer screen. It’s a nice looking interface running in your computer desktop.

However, there’s one problem that a new user will struggle with when they try to close the windows apps. Windows users are used to see the X button to close every window. In windows 8 apps, this feature is not available. So how does a user close a windows app in windows 8?

Here’s how to do it:

How to enable Telnet in Windows 8

Telnet is a network protocol that allows a user on one computer to log on to another computer or network devices such as routers that is part of the same network. This protocol uses TCP/IP to connect to remote computer or network devices. It is a tool also to check if you can connect browsing problems that you might encounter in some websites. On the Web, HTTP and FTP protocols allow you to request specific files from remote computers, but not to actually be logged on as a user of that computer. With Telnet, you log on as a regular user with whatever privileges you may have been granted to the specific application and data on that computer.

In Windows 8, Telnet is by default disabled for some security reason. So how do we enable Telnet then?  Below is a step by step on how to do this.

Leap Motion Controller Like Kinect In 3D Motion Control Technology

Released last  July 22, 2013, Leap Motion Controller is a small, lightweight device that allows control of computers with the movement of your fingers. Yes it is almost like what you’ve seen in futuristic movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. An elegant  replacement to the mouse  or an alternative to touchscreen, you can navigate a website, draw with high-precision, play games and much more.

leap motion

This is not really a new breakthrough we have seen. 3D Motion Control Technology has been awhile like what we have enjoyed in Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360. However, Leap Motion Controller has expanded to more than just mere entertainment. These are the device’s new offering :

How to Create a Bootable Windows 8 Recovery Tool

How to create USB Recovery on Windows 8

Most of the new computers with Windows 8 or any Operating System do not come with any kind of recovery disk like they used to have. This disk is very useful in the event that your computer crashes otherwise known as system meltdown.

This is not uncommon these days. Computer vendors opt to discontinue issuing system/recovery disks that were once common in order to save money. In business, the more money you save, the bigger the income you generate. That may be wise for the business side but not good for consumer’s side.

Fortunately, it is easy to make a recovery disk even in a USB drive if you are using Windows 8 which makes this less of a problem. For starters, the Operating System includes two new features, Reset and Refresh, that can help overcome the kinds of problem that would normally require recovery media.

Asus Unveils 3-in-1 Notebook That Runs Windows 8 and Android Simultaneously

A tablet, laptop and desktop computer…

In the midst of which user interface is better in tablets, Asus, the Taiwan based company has unveiled and launched their newest and innovative technology – the Transformer Book Trio. It is the world’s first 3-in-1 mobile device.asus

The Transformer book trio is a notebook that can be separated and used as an Android Tablet and desktop PC simultaneously.

Lumia 1020, The Most Powerful Camera Smartphone

Announcing last July 11, 2013, Nokia brags a huge 41 megapixel PureView sensor camera with its flagship smartphone Lumia 1020. Setting a high benchmark to smartphone photography, the device’s camera has enhanced zoom, sharper imaging capabilities and the latest camera software.

In its official website, Nokia released the following statement. “The Lumia 1020 combines unmatched picture detail and quality with an effortless capture, edit and sharing features. On a mission to make it easier for people to capture better photos, we’ve reinvented zoom by combining our next-gen 41-megapixel sensor, ZEISS optics with six lenses and optical image stabilization ( OIS ). The Lumia 1020 camera zooms into the details of every shot, making your photographs sharper and clearer than ever before.”lumia1020

How to Add wifi spot on Windows 8 using virtual router plus

Imagine you’re in a hotel, though they have free WIFI, they could only offer it to one device per connection. Your laptop is using the connection but you want your IPAD, your phone and other devices to connect as well, what would you do?wifi

If you’re using Windows 7, then you can do internet connection sharing to your devices. But what if you’re using Windows 8?  Actually, the capability is still there, but enabling it requires some serious command-line tinkering which is not for newbies.

Where is the user log-off command in Windows 8?

First time user of windows 8 will get irritated for not finding a simple command like logging off an account. Windows 8 didn’t include that option when you click on the shutdown settings command. Until now, every user including me is scratching their head why Microsoft has taken out the log off command in the power option settings. A very simple and basic command and yet you can’t find easily in the new interface.

Don’t worry! Although there are no direct options given in Windows 8 but here in this tutorial we are going to share some methods on how to log off your Windows 8 computer: