Folder Location of iPhoto Pictures on MAC

So you imported pictures from your iPhone or iPad to your iMac, MacBook etc. and you want to organize or maybe share, or transfer that file to an external hard drive or flash drive but you cannot seem to find it on Finder.

Well I was on the same boat my friend and as a practice I write this kind of guides and you came to the right page on the internet because here is an article I made just for you.

1. Launch Finder and go to your Pictures Folder
2. Right Click on iPhoto Library.photolibrary
3. Click Show Package Contents
4. Select Masters folder
5. It will be arranged by year so click on any of those

Note: You will see bunch of other sub-folders, just keep clicking on them until you see the gold.

6. Congratulations! You found your pictures
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Thanks and I hope you have a great day!!!

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