Microsoft Lets You Reminisce the 90s

For those of you who grew up in the 90s could still remember playing with Tamagotchi and Einstein trolls. And of course we had discman, SNES cartridges and floppy disks. Wow! so much had changed since then.

In 20th anniversary celebration of Microsoft‘s website, it put up its first homepage. Talk about reliving the time where  Windows 95 operating systems was still at the forefront of innovation.


It was in the 90s that World Wide Web and Internet Protocol (HTTP) and WWW language (HTML) were created.

In 1994, was  one of the first thousand websites to ever exist compared to almost  a billion now. Using the slow dial-up connection, the site would usually take about 3 minutes to fully load. Yeah, we totally experienced that.

Back then, Microsoft started a website to put its growing Knowledge Base online.

In a blog post, Chris Balt, product manager stated its site was one of the first corporate sites in the world to be built using modern, “responsive” design, meaning its design adapts to and renders appropriately for any device. Responsive means it can be accessed on a phone, it can be accessed on a tablet, you can look at it on your Xbox – and it completely adjusts to suit the unique properties of the device that you’re using.”


Indeed it was great for Microsoft to reminisce their glory days. They need that more than ever to combat the  huge competition brought about by the new disruptive innovators.

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